Htet Tayza Gastro Bar Article
January 9, 2014

What Is A Gastro Pub?

Studying in the field of hospitality I learn that innovation becomes reality through education. Hospitality is filled with innovations; the industry thrives on it. It has to change, to evolve, to grow, to appeal to customers who are always looking for the next big trend. However innovation remains just ideas if they aren’t communicated. It’s a basic principle, a new idea or innovation only enters the public discourse if it is communicated effectively. That is why the entire discipline of marketing exists. That is why with my inaugural post on the my blog I wantedHtet Tayza Gastro Food to delve a little deeper into the phenomenon of the gastro pub.

It’s a term that the vast majority has heard bandied around over the last few years. To many it may seem like one of those buzz words, like ‘twerk’ or selfie,’ that gradually enter the public discourse. People have this vague concept of a modern restaurant that combines quality food with high class beer. Whilst this is the essential of the concept, the gastro pub is so much more. It’s an experience that is a unique signifier of the time we live in.

The gastro pub is an amalgamation in every way. The term itself is a portmanteau of ‘gastronomy’ and ‘pub’.  It would seem at first glance that anyone would never think to marry the two concepts. The pub is a symbol of everything that is traditionally British. It was the drinking establishment of miners and rail road builders. It was the haven of the working class and a stalwart of communal British life. They had little emphasis on food. In contrast gastronomy refers to the practice of modern cuisine crafting. It’s sleek, sophisticated and effortlessly chic. It’s speaks of the artistic type, the city banker, the urbanite. Such as contrast.

However, it works. The gastro pub, the ultimate contrast, works. It has seen great popularity as it has grown as a hospitality trend in the late 20th and early 21st centuries. The time we are

Htet Tayza EscapeGastroBar

Escape Gastro Bar In Yangon, Myanmar

living in is why it works. We are at a unique point in history. Modern technology is advancing at a pace never seen before throughout the cannon of human civilization.  However culturally our fashions, music, art etc. often hark back to our parents and grandparents generations. If the pub was the symbol of one generation, the gastro pub has risen to become the symbol of another.

This is one of the reasons hospitality can be a fascinating industry to involve yourself in .You can watch the world go by. You can interact, you can communicate, and you can debate. You can watch the world change and embrace that change as you go.


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