Htet Tayza Freedom Ship Article

Any keen reader interested in the riveting field of hospitality has to be familiar with the concept of the cruise ship.

The modern concept of the cruise is one that has grown over the course of the 20th Century and into the 21st. Ever since the invention of the steam engine, commercial naval technology has found ever newer ways and means to turn maritime travel into a tourist attraction. This innovation led to the concept of the cruise.

A cruise is where a large passenger ship takes a journey to specific destinations. However, this is no ordinary trip. The travel itself is part of the experience. These ships are equipped with hotel standard accommodations and activities which are designed to facilitate traveler comfort. The cruise sees the journey as just as important a part of the tourists experience as the freedom-shipdestinations the passenger is travelling to.

This determination and vision has seen the birth of an entire industry. An extremely lucrative industry. It stands to reason then that this industry is always looking for new methods of innovation. After all the entire field of hospitality relies on innovation to thrive and move forward. This is why the concept of the ‘freedom ship’ has gripped the imagination of hospitality experts around the world.

This hospitality ship is basically a $10 billion dollar plan to build a floating city. This is a ship that makes a two year trip circling the important areas of the globe. It has so many facilities that it evens boasts a runway for flights to and from the ship.

The plan would see the ship capable of housing 50,000 people. It would see the construction of a ship a mile long. It would go further than the traditional cruise ship. It would not only boast its own flight runway, it would also have shops, homes, businesses and even a dock for other cruise ships. It really is less of a cruise ship and more of a floating city.

Htet Tayza Freedom Ship articleIt’s only an idea at the moment. It’s a plan that is in need of funding. It’s the future, not the present. That’s the point. It’s an example of the future of hospitality. The field is growing at an amazing rate. It grows every day and new innovations are appearing on the scene all the time.

This innovation is one of the ways hospitality seeks to marry the traditional tourist experience with everyday life. The freedom ship is a great opportunity to get away. However it would be capable of hosting businesses. It would have the ability to host people who live there on a more permanent basis.

This is why this industry is such a fascinating one to live and work in. It’s always changing, always growing. It looks at the ways people wants to live their lives and seeks to fill in the gaps. The freedom ship really will give a greater scope for the passengers aboard its mile long structure to live freer lives.


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My name is Htet Tay Za and I’m a young banking professional from Myanmar. I was born in Yangon, Myanmar twenty-four years ago. I have a keen interest in business, cuisine, lifestyle and philanthropy.


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