Htet Tayza Backpacking

As a hospitality admirer, travel is a major element of my industry.

More than that travel is about seeing the world, opening yourself up to new experiences and learning about different cultures. Travel is an integral part of personal growth and cultural innovation. We need to see how other people live to bring something new to our own lives.

That is why the concept of backpacking across the world is often such an attractive one for people in their late teens and early twenties. This is a time in your life when you are discovering who you are as a person. You are ready to spread your metaphorical wings and fly the nest. It makes sense that travel would prove attractive to people of this mindset.

However there are so many backpackers out there who don’t keep themselves safe. People can be reckless at the best of times, and this can lead to a young person finding themselves in an unsavoury situation in an unfamiliar region.

This is why there are certain precautions somebody needs to take when they decide to backpack around the world. At the end of the day whilst this is an opportunity to grow as a person it doesn’t negate the need to keep yourself safe.

First of all when backpacking always make sure that you have a safe place to stay. Don’t sleep on a strangers couch; you don’t know the person. Do your research, fin a hostel or cost effective hotel with a good reputation. This will not only keep you safe but enhance your backpacking experience.

Secondly, be careful with travel. Backpackers have a reputation for hitch hiking. It’s the same principle. You don’t know where these people are really going and what they are capable of. Do the research and use public travel. Public travel may cost a little more, but it is far safer and you can be sure of your final destination.

You also have to make sure you have money saved up. It’s all well and good pledging to earn money on your travels, but with the job market in a precarious position in some countries, this may not always be possible. This could leave you in a position of having no funds when you sorely need them.

The last guideline is a basic principle. Do your research. Knowledge really is power in this world, and this most especially applies to backpackers. You are going to a country you are unfamiliar with. It would be so easy for a local with less than honourable intentions to take advantage of this ignorance. Don’t let them.

Backpacking is almost a rite of passage for many people in their youth. However this doesn’t negate the necessity of staying safe. Use your common sense, do your research and be prepared. If you do, this will ensure that your backpacking experience will be one you remember for the rest of your life.


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About Htet Tay Za

My name is Htet Tay Za and I’m a young banking professional from Myanmar. I was born in Yangon, Myanmar twenty-four years ago. I have a keen interest in business, cuisine, lifestyle and philanthropy.




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