There are many business leaders in today’s modern world that you could attach the label ‘entrepreneur’ to; however most don’t qualify for the label ‘ultimate entrepreneur’. Bill Gates is one of the few exceptions to the rule. Why is Bill Gates the ultimate example to budding entrepreneurs?

News sources have reported this week have reported that Bill Gates has once again regained the title of the world’s richest person. The Microsoft founder, according to Forbes magazine, is now worth $76 billion.

The numbers don’t lie; Gates is the world’s richest person and through Microsoft has had an untold level of influence on the world in the past few decades. But why was Microsoft so successful? What was it about the company that made Gates such a success?

Naturally entrepreneurship thrives on the innovation brought by ideas; without a good idea you have nothing to work with, nothing to sell, market, etc. So we can at least ascertain that the ideas behind Microsoft were the primary reason it became such a success; it caught onto key trends in the technology boom and never let go.

But an idea is never enough; it’s only half the battle. In my opinion Gates became so successful because he is a master of timing. Microsoft, when it first came into being, filled a gap that was just beginning to form.

The company was founded by Gates in the early 1970’s in its earliest form. Back then computer technology was only just beginning to diversify; computers in most cases took up whole rooms. But Gates could clearly see the room for potential and he capitalised on the market at just the right time.

From there he always made sure to capture the market at the right time, eventually trouncing competition from Apple in the computer technology game. The most obvious example of this is the creation of the Windows software.

In its earliest incarnation the Windows software became available in 1984 and it changed everything. Computers had moved on and were now starting to crop up in people’s homes. Again Windows worked because it came at the right time.

Bill Gates should prove the ultimate example of the entrepreneur to us all. Not only is he a king of ideas, he is a master timing and that is his true talent. Timing is essential if you ever hope to make it in the business world.

Htet Tayza, Escape Gastro Bar


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  1. In first paragraph,5th sentence you forgot B in Bill.otherwise I enjoyed the article.

  2. Very well written English. I am impressed with and product of you as a Burmese national! Keep it up!


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