A fair percentage of the international hospitality trade relies on tourism to boost profit margins. The tourist industry is so vast that this can be an issue. So how can you, Htet Tayza readers, attract tourists to your business?

Tourism is a billion dollar industry and one that is the life blood of hospitality markets worldwide. Domestic customers who are living everyday lives in your local area only have so much cash to spend. Tourists, however, have specifically been saving for this occasion and are actively looking for places to spend and the leisure nature of the hospitality industry proves the perfect attraction.

However, the tourist market, as one of the most valuable in the world, is somewhat overcrowded. In business this is a basic principle; the more competition you have, the more you have to work to show what unique factor you can bring to your customers.

The first step to doing so is marketing. The issue with this is that not all marketing is effective, so before you decide which marketing strategy to follow- online, billboards, local advertising, radio slots etc. – you need to conduct an analysis of your target customer. Which marketing strategy are they most likely to encounter?

In most cases, a website is key to marketing your business. The internet is no longer merely the domain of young people and tech wizards; vast swathes of society engage with it and commonly use it to research where they want to invest their time and money. With smartphones and tablets now a common fixture, it’s quite usual for a holiday maker to research hospitality businesses on the spot, so without a website you’re missing out on masses of potential custom.

In line with this, your website must have a presence on page one of Google. People don’t tend to actively search for websites. Rather, they’ll put your industry search term into Google and see what ranks on page one for it.

Therefore you have to invest in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is where you write subject specific content for your website and you include the term that people are using to search for your industry. Google picks up on it, decides your content is relevant and boosts it up the rankings. This means that more people will see it and you’ll have more tourists coming to your business.

Finally, you need to attract critics and professional reviewers to your business. People trust reviews more than anything else, so if you get a good review then it promotes your business to tourists who only have reviews to rely on. Reviews are especially important because tourists do not have personal experience to rely on.

Promoting your hospitality venture to tourists can be a balancing act; however it’s one that you need to get right if you ever hope for your hospitality venture to be a success. Know your customer and go from there.


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  1. I think marketing in Myanmar is absolutely weak.Still in processing ,and need to be promoted more and more. We got unrivaled resources for tourists, but no services , so firstly we need to complete the blanks for tourists services for all the Tourist Destinations.
    And luck of well-trained Tourism and Hotel Staffs to fulfill the demands make the tourists upset. Human Capital Development Programme should be open further.


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