Hospitality industry professionals have been intrigued this month, by the announcement of the launch of a new hotel chain in Middle-Eastern country Oman. What makes this hotel chain unique and what could it bring to the wider hospitality industry?

Oman, as a Middle Eastern country at the heart of the region’s lucrative oil industry, is known as a luxury destination for international travellers. To take a trip to this country is to say you’ve made it in the world, so this hotel chain is likely to draw the jet set crowd.

This month Omran, the nation’s development, hospitality and investment asset Management Company, has officially announced that it has launched Atana, a four star luxury hotel and resort operator.

So what can we expect from this new chain, will it be like all the other luxury getaways that exist within the sultanate’s borders? Not likely, according to Omran, as Atana has specifically been constructed with the premise of fusing local Omani tradition with modern culture. This is a momentous task to be sure, but if they manage to pull it off, it could provide a unique experience to tourists visiting the Sultanate.

Wael Al Lawati, CEO of Omran spoke on the project, what it means and what it says about the culture of the Middle-Eastern nation. Lawati began by saying that: “Since Omran’s inception, we have been guided by ambition and always wanted to establish an autonomous hospitality operating brand that is distinctly Omani in style, spirit and character.”

Lawati then went into the specifics, saying that: “We have successfully created Atana under the promise of ‘Shades of Oman’ to provide guests with an array of distinctive properties that are diverse and unique but deliver a compelling mid-tier hospitality experience that revolves around the Omani national character, culture, environment and people.”

According to Lawati, the first hotel operating under the Atana brand is now operating in the Golden Tulip Resort Khasab. It has been christened the Atana Khasab, and is already drawing curious tourists from all around the world to the unique resort.

The Atana Hotel Chain, Htet Tayza readers, highlights a popular hospitality trend that I’ve employed in my work at the Escape Gastro Bar. This is fusion, bringing two opposites together to make something exciting, something new. It’ll be interesting to see how the Atana hotel brand progresses from here in the coming days and months.


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