It’s becoming increasingly clear to industry experts that the British hospitality industry is booming right now. Evidence for this has recently been provided by The Big Hospitality Conversation. What does this mean for the industry going forward?

It’s fact, according to most economic experts, that the British economy is in sustained recovery. GDP is up, job creation is up, and manufacturing data is up. The pound is stronger on the international currency exchange than it’s been in recent times. This leads to the assumption that the British hospitality sector is booming as a result of better living standards and more expendable cash.

Job creation is one of the foremost ways we measure sector growth and viability. This is because not only must an industry be strong to measure positive job growth figures, it must have room for expansion. Job creation is the realest measure of said expansion potential.

This brings us to the crux of the matter: The Big Hospitality Conversation. This was an industry wide convention that took place in The Premier Inn in Bournemouth this month. The event was led by the British Hospitality Association, in partnership with the Springboard charity. It was convened to discuss job creation for youth in the region, among other things.

The efforts of all of those who attended the convention worked; in the space of one meeting numerous job opportunities for young people in the region were negotiated. Specifically, 159 new jobs were created for the young people of the Bournemouth area.

Broken down, these 159 new vacancies were of several different varieties. 41 apprenticeships, 69 work experience placements and 48 youth employment opportunities were created. This means that in one meeting the Association set up the continuity of the next generation of the regions hospitality industry, as these types of positions are geared towards training those who will take over.

Councillor Dr Rodney Cooper, Mayor of Bournemouth and the man who opened the event, spoke of its significance. Cooper said that: “There were both representatives from the hospitality industry who are clearly willing to offer work placements and apprenticeships, as well as the youths who, judging from those who I spoke with, are keen to take the offers up.  I have seen instances of both work placements and apprenticeships already happening in Bournemouth and it will be good to see the offer expanded.”

Naturally if job creation is one of the most relevant measures for sector strength, then this is a real indicator of the strength of the UK hospitality sector, Htet Tayza readers. Not only is it creating jobs but it is training up the next generation. It is a thriving sector right now with endless opportunities.


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