Different industries demand different personalities and different skillsets in order to succeed. This week Htet Tayza asks, what qualities should hospitality look for in their employees?

How Do You Pick the Right Person?

Every industry requires something different from its employees. The technology industry, for example, demands employees who not only have the specific knowledge they need to deal with emerging technologies, but the mechanical knowhow, as well as the practical problem solving mind set, essential to developing these technologies for public consumption.

The nature of the hospitality industry makes it a unique one. You are selling a service, not a product, and one that isn’t essential at that. Therefore, it makes sense that to succeed with a hospitality venture, you need a certain type of employee.

Htet Tayza’s Top Five Qualities You Need to look for in a Hospitality Employee

There are certain qualities that are more highly prized than others in this industry. My time at Escape Gastro Bar has taught me what qualities I need to look for in any good hospitality employee and here are the five I’ve found to be most important:

1)      Salesmanship: You are selling a service, a luxury, and one that people may believe is too much for their budget that week. You need someone persuasive on your side to ensure that customers flock to your business.


2)      Manners: In this industry, it isn’t just a case of interacting with a customer for a few seconds; you need to hold conversations with them. Nobody likes to be spoken down to, which is why a polite employee is essential. Plus, manners indicate they generally know how to hold themselves in the workplace.


3)      Positivity: Hospitality businesses are there to make people feel good; to give them what they want. Enthusiasm is infectious; an enthusiastic employee often makes for a happy consumer, who feels as though their custom is valued.


4)      The Ability to Communicate: You’re dealing with people, and if your employees can’t communicate, then you have a major problem, as they could misinterpret what a customer is saying, angering them, and possibly driving down profitability.


5)      Commitment: Ensuring customer satisfaction is the key ingredient you need to secure the essential repeat custom that hospitality relies on. You need an employee committed to making sure every customer walks away happy!

When it comes to employees for your hospitality venture, go with your gut instinct. You know your business, you know what you need. Use these points as a benchmark, and filter them through your business’ specific requirements; that’s the only way you’ll know if they’re right for the job.


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About Htet Tay Za

My name is Htet Tay Za and I’m a young banking professional from Myanmar. I was born in Yangon, Myanmar twenty-four years ago. I have a keen interest in business, cuisine, lifestyle and philanthropy.