On the Htoo Htet Tazya blog this week I want to turn my attention to weight training, and ask whether it really is as good for overall fitness as we generally believe.

The Connection between a Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind

I’m a huge believer – as I’m sure you know by now- in a healthy body, a healthy mind. Give your body what it needs, and often you’ll find that your mental acuity becomes sharper than ever, perfectly equipping you to ensure that you are perfectly positioned to become a success in whatever entrepreneurial venture you turn your hand to.

A general rule of fitness is all things in moderation; and here is where my problem with weight lifting comes. These days, more than ever, we are assaulted with image upon image of bulked up weightlifters, which leads us to believe that if we do nothing but weight lift, we’ll reach the level of fitness we desire.

The Benefits of Weight Training

Is this the case? Well I recently did a little research around the issue and came across the appropriately titled ‘The Benefits of Wight Training,’ which naturally listed just what your fitness regime can gain from the addition of weight lifting.

It went on to list a number of health risks that you can greatly reduce with healthy training, including: insulin resistance, resting metabolism, blood pressure, body fat and gastrointestinal transit time, which collectively are linked to illnesses like heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

All Things – Even Weightlifting – In Moderation

Translation, weight lifting can be really good for your fitness, but it’s the next part of the article that really stuck a chord with me, which suggested that a mere two 15-20 minutes of weightlifting a week is all you need, and I want to share it with you on the Htet Tayza blog.

The writer went on to suggest that ‘I’m not talking about lifting 100 kilos above your head or chest pressing the weight of a bus.’ They then argued that you ‘start slowly and work your way up’ and ‘don’t overdo it and make sure that you leave a day or two to recover in between sessions.’ Why? Well muscles grow while resting.

In conclusion, yes, weightlifting can be very good for your overall fitness, and you should certainly incorporate it into your regime. There is though, such a thing as overkill; you don’t need to lift weights night and day to reap the benefits it can bring to your fitness regime.

Htet Tayza


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