Last week I came across an article that I want to share with you on the Htoo Htet Tayza blog this week, about what could only be described as an extreme example of customer loyalty.

You Need to Attract Customer Loyalty

Whatever sector you work in, one rule always holds true. You need to attract customer loyalty. If you’re able to secure the trust of one customer, they will come back, time and time again. It’s practically a stable source of income!

But what constitutes an extremely loyal customer? I think getting a tattoo of a brand’s logo on your body – a permanent tattoo no less – could certainly be the act of an extremely loyal customer. And some customers, have done exactly that.

Would You Get a Tattoo of a Company Logo?

The article I alluded to earlier was ‘Would you get a tattoo of a company logo,’ which featured on the BBC website last week. It explored the issue in depth, relating it to wider questions about brand longevity in an increasingly changing world.

It went on to use the example of US gym chain Anytime Fitness. At the time of writing, over 2,000 people have shelled out $100 dollars each, to get a tattoo of the company’s logo of a running man on their bodies.

It’s Not about Money or Brand

It may seem crazy, but people are really doing it. Chuck Runyon, founder and owner of the US gym chain explained why. He said that “hundreds and hundreds of people have told us why they got the tattoo, and it has never been about the money or the brand.”

“Instead the answers are always very, very personal. Many say they got the tattoo to mark the fact they had achieved something they never thought was possible, such as losing a considerable amount of weight, or feeling healthy.”

That Kind of Commitment is Impressive

Whatever you think, the fact that the gym was able to foster that kind of commitment is impressive. These people see a business as so integral to their lives, to their wellbeing, that they actually wanted to document it, by marking their own bodies.

Of course, I’m not suggesting you encourage your customers to follow suit. What I am saying, is that yes, this is an extreme example of customer loyalty. It is also, however, indicative of how loyal a customer will become, when you strive to ensure you deliver the best service you possibly can. It’s an ode to quality customer service!


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