The latest move by the Hilton has to be the coolest hospitality technology innovation ever. On the Htet Tayza blog I ask, just what is it?

Hospitality Needs to Stay Ahead of Technological Developments

Hospitality is more dependent on modern technology than perhaps any other industry in the world. That is because it makes its money, by proving a customer experience.

Therefore, hospitality has to make sure that it stays ahead of the technological developments that are coming to redefine our world, in order to continue to appeal to customers that use these technologies, and have become dependent on these technologies, throughout their everyday life. Without keeping the attention and excitement of the consumer, there’s no way a hospitality venture can sustain a profit.

The Smartphone Is Perhaps the Most Convenient Device on Earth

Take the smartphone for instance. Over the last few years, the smartphone has exploded. It’s everywhere. You can’t go on a train, sit down in a café or even enjoy a nice Sunday meal with the family, without catching someone glaring down fiercely at their phone. It’s almost disconcerting.

That’s because it’s arguably the most convenient technological device on earth. Now it looks like major luxury hotel chain Hilton has recognised the advantages that capitalising on the convenience of the smartphone can bring to their business model.

The Hilton Embraces Smartphone Technology

According to Forbes, who suggest that the hotel chain are looking to capitalise on the lucrative millennial market (who practically live on smart technology), Hilton Worldwide have announced that they are introducing a number of smartphone-based services to their hotels, including…

  • Smartphone Check-In: Now, guests at the Hilton won’t have to wait in line to check in. They can simply do so on their phone. So many customers will be relieved to hear they won’t have to wait in line for ages after a long trip!
  • Smartphone Floor Plan; According to the hotel chain, Hilton customers will now be able to choose which room they  want, by check out a digital image of the hotel in question’s floor plan.  This will be available by smartphone, and have photos of the actual room to boot.  All of a sudden, the cost incurred by guests wishing to switch room goes down for the Hilton!
  • Smartphone Room Key: This one’s the most astonishing. From 2015 onwards, guests will be able to unlock their room doors with their phone alone! This means that once you’ve checked-in, via your phone, you can go straight to your room!

This is where the Hospitality Industry is headed

Htet Tayza readers, I applaud this move by the Hilton. It’s genius. Not only will it make the hotel chain appeal to the emerging millennial generation, it will cut down costs by streamlining the check-in process. It really is the coolest hospitality technology innovation ever, and very indicative of where the industry is headed as we enter the last half of the decade!


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