On the Htoo Htet Tayza blog this week I want to tackle a fitness question I get time and time again; how health is walking every day?

What Works Best For Your Fitness Regime?

Anyone who’s a regular reader of the Htet Tayza blog knows my opinion on fitness. I believe that a healthy body equals a healthy mind. This allows the savvy business professional to stay at the top of their game, because they are more mentally prepared to meet the challenges that come their way in the workplace.

But what kind of fitness regime works best? Should you focus on short, sharp, sessions which raise the heart rate to the point it’s pounding. Or, should you focus on more sustained activities such as walking. Do they have many health benefits at all?

The Top Five Health Benefits of Walking Every Day

In fact, there are many health benefits that you can accrue by simply walking for an hour a day; say to work and back. The health benefits that come from this low impact form of exercise include…

  • A Stronger Heart: Walking has been proven to lower your chances of developing heart disease, or suffering from a stroke. Basically, it lowers the levels of bad cholesterol, which restrict the heart, and promotes the levels of good cholesterol.


  • A Reduced Risk of Dementia: As it turns out, walking literally gives you a healthier mind. Studies have shown that being active reduces the risk of developing dementia (1 in 14 for over 65’s, 1 in 6 for over 80’s) by 40%.


  • A Lowered Risk of Disease: Walking is a great general safeguard against disease too. Studies have shown that walking every day can cut down your risk of developing conditions such as diabetes, asthma and even some cancers.


  • A Slimmer Body: This one should surprise no one. In order to burn weight, studies have shown that you need to lose 600 calories per day more than you are consuming. If a person walks at a fast pace, they burn 150 calories in half an hour. Couple with a reasonable diet, and walking is a great way to attain a slimmer body.


  • Higher Vitamin D Levels: Vitamin D plays a vital role in promoting bone health and our immune system. We need it, but it’s hard to get it from food. However, we can get it from the sun. Hence, walking out on a warm day will provide you with all the vitamin D you could ever need.

So in answer to the question how healthy is walking very day; it’s very healthy. Not only does it have a number of health benefits, but it is free and easy, making it by far the most convenient technique you can incorporate into your fitness regime to ensure a healthy mind!


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