On the Htoo Htet Tayza blog this week, I want to explain to you why the Krystal project is absolute genius, and should remind hospitality businesses everywhere of the importance of innovation.

Hospitality Needs to Get Innovative

The world in which we live is one of convenience. With information available in mere seconds, consumers want what they want and they want it now. Therefore, with technology changing so rapidly, businesses need to be innovative to survive.

This is particularly relevant to the hospitality industry. Because the industry is driven by demand, you need to look for new opportunities in order to compete with every other hospitality venture offering the same essential service you are. You need to have an edge.

You Need an Edge to Stay Competitive

Look to the Krystal project as inspiration. The hotel market is a fierce one. It is so saturated, so competitive, that these days it’s impossible to make money from the standard hotel model.

You have to have a gimmick. A reason people prioritise your hotel over every single other one that comes up on Google. That is why the Krystal project is the ultimate example of innovation; it will be the most unique hotel in the world.

What is the Krystal Project?

So what is the Krystal project? According to the Independent, it is a ‘floating, snowflaked-shaped glass hotel from which guests can stare in awe at the Aurora Borealis from their beds.’

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? The 86 room luxury hotel project began in 2008, but was put on hold due to the financial crisis. It is the brainchild of Dutch and Norwegian specialists, and will only be accessible by boat. As well as providing conference rooms and spas, the project will literally let people follow the northern lights. They will be able to view them through the glass structure encasing the hotel.

You Can Bet the Krystal Project will be Lucrative

This is exactly what I’m talking about. Who doesn’t want to see the northern lights? It’d be an amazing opportunity, but the predictability of the phenomenon makes it hard to turn into a profitable venture. By getting creative, the Krystal project will do exactly that. You can bet the project will prove extremely lucrative, showing just why innovation is so important to the hospitality industry.



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