This week on the Htet Tayza blog, I’m going to look at the business benefits of positivity by asking; why is a good attitude important in hospitality?

Negativity is Bad for Business

Anyone who’s ever run a business can tell you that a good attitude is key to success. An employee with a good attitude is often a more productive member of staff, as they are motivated to tackle their work with vigour and enthusiasm.

Yet, as I’ve seen at the Escape Gastro Bar, we need to take it to a whole other level when it comes to the hospitality sector. A good attitude is vital to any hospitality ventures success.

Would You Want to Eat at a Restaurant Where the Waiters Don’t Care About the Menu?

Primarily, this is because you are dealing with people. If you have an employee at the front desk, or one mixing the cocktails, who’s sullen, unwilling to smile and chat or even be polite to a customer, what is that customer supposed to think?

Look at it this way. If you have a waiter who seems unenthusiastic about the menu, why should you be enthusiastic about it? If the menu where that waiter works can’t even excite them, then why is it so special in the first place? Answer, it isn’t, and that expectation will most likely colour their opinion of the meal, and convince them that this restaurant isn’t worth their money.

Would You Want to Eat at a Restaurant Where You Got Salt When You Asked for Pepper?

So that’s a direct example of how one unenthusiastic employee can scare away your customers, but there are indirect ways they can damage a hospitality business as well. Namely, they bring everyone else down.

There shouldn’t be any ‘I’s’ in hospitality, as it’s all about team work. Employees need to work together to ensure that orders are booked, services carried out etc. If an employee has a bad attitude, that could cause strife. It could lead to a breakdown in communication, which could result in a customer getting the wrong cocktail, or getting salt on their meal when they asked for pepper. This again, could lead them to believe that they would be much better off somewhere else, losing you money.

Positivity is a Vital Characteristic in Any Employee.

There’s a reason, Htet Tayza readers, that employers see positivity as a vital employee characteristic. That is because a good attitude, especially in the people-orientated hospitality industry, can make all the difference between a successful venture, and one that sinks under the weight of its own negativity.


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