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In light of a new trend seeing entrepreneurs globetrot whilst watching profit margins, this week on the Htet Tayza blog I ask whether you should travel the world whilst running your own business.

Travel Broadens Your Horizons

I’ve made my position on the need for anybody with entrepreneurial ambitions to travel quite clear.  I solidly believe that travel opens up the mind to new experiences. These new experiences provide perspective, which can turn an idea into a successful business venture.

Yet actively travelling whilst you’re in the midst of running a business seems a step too far. After all, as a leader you are essential to ensuring the success of your own venture. This leads us to ask whether it’s even possible to travel whilst running a business.

Is it Possible to Globetrot Whilst Generating Profit?

A piece I recently came across in the Guardian answers that question. It examines the trend in detail, and suggests that with modern technology at your fingertips, you no longer need to be physically in the building to run a venture. You can connect with phones, email and skype to stay in touch and keep track of operations.

However, technology alone isn’t enough to enable travel for hectic business owner. It’s all about hiring the right people, who can ensure the smooth running of your company whilst you’re away. SME owner Lily Starling explained the importance of hiring the right people to the Guardian.

Starling explained that “when I hire and train my staff, I let them know that I trust them to offer a solution to the clients if anything comes up.” She further added that “I do not want to receive a call in another timezone about an upset client. I make sure to hire people who don’t need handholding and explicitly tell them that they will never get in trouble for doing their best to make the situation right if I am not available.”

Why Would You Want to Travel Whilst in Charge of a Company?

Now we know it’s possible to travel whilst running a business, why would you want to? To answer this we need to look at my earlier point; travel expands horizons. For a business to be truly successful, it cannot stay static. Travelling allows you to find the inspiration you need to ensure your business constantly evolves, and retains its ability to keep up with its competitors.

Virtual assistant business owner, Hazel Theocharous outlined this point quite eloquently to the Guardian when talking about the benefits of a location-independent business. It does apply, however, to travelling whilst running a business as well.

Theocharous notes that “a new perspective grows when you meet new people,” and that “sometimes re-discovering yourself personally allows you to discover what it is you want most out of your business.”

Strive to Never Stop Learning

In other words, to ensure that a business retains its ability to generate profit in the long term, as your company’s head, you need to make sure that you never stop learning. That is why you should strive to travel the world whilst running your own business.


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