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November 3, 2014

How to Survive a Flight

As I wanted to make sure you get the most out of any travel experience, this week on the Htet Tayza blog I have taken the time to let you know how to survive a flight.

Opening Up Your Mind to New Experiences

Any long-term follower of the Htet Tayza blog should know by now my opinion of travel. Going to new places exposes your mind to new cultures. This exposure allows you to make yourself available to concepts which make your idea better; facilitating a more successful entrepreneurial venture.

However travel comes with its own unique pitfalls, which can mar your experience if you’re not careful. Flying – especially long distance – has to be one of the most prominent. If you don’t know how to survive in a cramped space for hours on end, your mind will not be in the place it needs to be to take advantage of the benefits travel has to offer.

Five Tips for Surviving a Flight

Therefore, you need to know how to survive a flight unscathed. These following five tips on how to do so should help…

  • Bring Supplies: Plane food almost never tastes good, and can leave you feeling less-than-perfect when you reach foreign shores. That’s why it’s always a good idea to bring a few of your favourite snacks.


  • Take the Opportunity to Move Around: If you sit down the whole time, your body will be aching within hours. Solve this issue by taking a stroll up and down the plane; so your body receives the exercise it needs to adequately weather the pressure of a flight. Secure a seat in an exit row if possible, to facilitate easy movement.


  • Find the Time to Sleep: A flight will pass much more quickly if you’re unconscious for part of it. Pack a blanket, eye mask and ear plugs and get some sleep, so that you land rested, and ready to fully appreciate your trip.


  • Research the Destination: One of the best ways to survive your flight, is to remind yourself what’s waiting for you on the other side. Bring a guidebook for your chosen destination, and you’ll soon be too excited about where you going, to be frustrated with how you’re getting there.


  • Make a Connection: If the opportunity arises, why not try striking up a conversation with the person next to you? This will distract you from the rigours of flying, and you never know, you could learn something valuable. An aspiring entrepreneur must always be ready to network.

The Flight Will Whiz By

With these five tips, you’ll soon find that your flight whizzes by. Before you know it you’ll be landing; in the right frame of mind to explore your chosen destination, and ensure you are open to the new experiences it has to offer.


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