With the cold creeping in around the world right now, this week on the Htet Tayza blog I wanted to ask; do fitness DVD’s really work?

Options for Exercise are Limited in Winter

As the autumn, and then the winter descends, exercising becomes more of a task than ever. You can’t do any of the traditional outdoor activities such as running or playing sports, because the weather simply won’t allow for it.

However, the health body, healthy mind philosophy, which I believes makes regular exercise essential for any entrepreneur, demands you exercise in the winter. Your options are limited by weather, space and funds, which is why many people turn to fitness DVD’s. Especially to work off those post-Christmas pounds.

The Best and Worst Fitness DVD’s in the UK

There are an array of fitness DVD’s out there; every celebrity who wants to make a name for themselves, releases one at some point. Yet they often receive a mixed response from the people who use them, usually providing no real health benefits beyond a short-term loss of weight.

I believe an article featured in the UK’s Daily Mail back in 2010 provides some answers for why this is. The article used a survey to rank the best and worst fitness DVD’s out at the time. The former was clinched by actress Natalie Cassidy. The latter was won by presenter Davina McCall, who had a fitness DVD that was ranked as ‘most satisfactory,’ by survey respondents.

“The Rigmarole of Watching the Same Programme Day in, Day Out.”

Head of marketing at myprotein.co.uk, Mark Coxhead, shed some light on why this might be. He argued that “celebrity workout DVDs rarely produce lasting results, as people simply don’t enjoy having to go through the rigmarole of watching the same programme day in, day out.”

From this, we can ascertain that the reason that Davina’s fitness DVD was so popular with consumers, was that it kept fitness interesting. Furthermore, Coxhead’s point tells us something intrinsic about fitness DVD’s. The reason they provide only short-term gains for their users, has nothing to do with their content, but their static nature.

Variety is the Key to An Effective Fitness Regime          

So this isn’t really a question of whether fitness DVD’s work, but of how to maintain an effective fitness regime in the long term. Through the example of taped workouts, we have seen the need for variety in a fitness regime. Only then, will you cultivate the interest you need to carry it through long term.


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