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The results of a poll designed to find the best sector for customer service in Oz, has prompted me to ask on the Htet Tayza blog this week; what can the global hospitality industry learn from Australia.

The Value of Effective Customer Service

Over the course of posting on the Htet Tayza blog, I have repeatedly stressed the importance of customer service. Without effective customer service, a consumer will be lead to assume that their business isn’t valued.

This could persuade them to take said business elsewhere, relieving you of valuable capital and depleting your profit margins. Customer service becomes particularly important when you consider the hospitality industry, because it is entirely consumer driven.

More Than One in Four People Rank Hospitality Best for Customer Service

That is why I felt it important to note that in a TrueLocal poll of 1000 respondents, hospitality was named as the best sector for customer service in Australia. The poll included 10 sectors, from tradespeople to accountants to dentists.

Focus seemed to rely on the booming Aussie restaurant industry, which proved particularly popular with respondents. A total of 27% (more than one in four), said Australian restaurants offer the best level of customer service, reacting to the industry’s drive to connect and engage more effectively with customers. Second place was awarded to medical centres, whilst third went to automotive services.

What Would Prompt a Customer to Leave a Bad Review?

The survey was particularly illuminating because it also showed what consumers see as bad customer service; by questioning what would drive them to post a bad review online. The Lion’s share, a staggering 72%, selected rudeness as their primary motivator.

This was followed by a similar customer service gripe clinching third place; 57% suggested that being ignored would lead them to post a negative review about an establishment online. Second place however, was awarded to hidden costs and additional charges. 62% of respondents said they would prompt them to craft an unflattering review online.

Mastering the Art of Polite, Attentive Customer Service

Therefore, by looking at the Australian hospitality industry, we soon see what we can learn. The fact that it is thought of so highly, suggests that it has mastered the art of polite, attentive customer service.

This underlines everything I’ve been writing about customer service here on the Htet Tayza blog. In order to ensure they are an asset, rather than a detriment to your hospitality venture, you need to ensure your staff are polite and attentive to your customers at all times.


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