Htet Tayza, Vienna, Austria

At one point in your life you must visit Vienna and to help you get the most out of your experience, this week on the Htet Tayza blog I reveal five things you must see in the Austrian Capital.

The City of Music

Travel is a must for the young entrepreneur looking to make their fortune. It opens you up to new experiences, new cultures and new ways of thinking. You can use travel to broaden your horizons and enhance your ability to make a success of yourself in the world of business.

If you’re looking for a place to broaden your horizons, there’s none more capable of doing so than Vienna. The Austrian Capital is one of the most culturally rich cities in all of Europe. Known as the City of Music, one trip to Vienna will lend you a whole new perspective on life.

Start With the Following Five Viennese Destinations

In order to get the most out of a trip to the Austrian Capital, you need to know where to go and what to see, and I’d suggest you start with the following five Viennese destinations…

  • Hofburg Palace: For centuries the Hofburg Palace was the home of the Habsburg Dynasty which ruled Austria for the lion’s share of the last thousand years. Take a trip to the splendid royal home and see it’s imperial apartments with their original furnishings, as well as the Sisi museum, to gain a greater understand of how the Habsburg Monarchy shaped Austrian – and by extension, European – culture.


  • St Stephen’s Cathedral: Often touted as the number one tourist destination in Vienna, St Stephen’s Cathedral is the most important place of Catholic worship in Austria. Take a trip to this stunning edifice, located on Stephansplatz, and discover how the Catholic faith came to define European society as we know it today. Make sure to check out the catacombs under the church, as well as the Cathedral’s infamous multi-coloured tile roof, to make sure you walk away with the real St Stephen’s experience.


  • Vienna State Opera House: There’s a reason that Vienna is called the City of Music – the world’s opera and classical music scene once called it home. Every great composer from Mozart to Beethoven and beyond played in the city. If you want to take a chance to enjoy Vienna’s rich music scene, a night at the Vienna State Opera House, located in the centre of the city, is an absolute must!


  • Tiergarten Schönbrunn: Located on the grounds of the fabulously decadent Schönbrunn Palace – which you also must take the time to visit – the Tiergarten Schönbrunn is the oldest zoo in the world. With its fantastic menagerie of wild and wonderful beasts, as well as its fascinating history, the Tiergarten Schönbrunn is well worth a visit.


  • The Kunsthistorisches Museum: Housed on the infamous Ringstrasse – the busiest thoroughfare in the whole city – The Kunsthistorisches Museum is arguably the most celebrated art museum Vienna has to offer. Often referred to as ‘the museum of fine arts,’ the building houses a treasure trove of classic art, including many pieces that once belonged to the Habsburgs. Take a trip to The Kunsthistorisches Museum to see such legendary paintings as ‘Madonna of the Meadow’ by Raphael, and ‘Tower of Babel’ Pieter Brueghel.

Gain a True Understanding of European Culture

Don’t stop with these five destinations. Vienna is a city with so much history and culture that there is a new experience hiding around every corner. To take a trip to Vienna is to gain a true understanding of the European culture that shaped the modern world.

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