The release of a fascinating new guide has prompted me to ask this week on the Htet Tayza blog; what can you learn from the Japanese hospitality industry?

Japanese Tourism Set to Undergo a Dramatic Overhaul

Recently the Japanese government decided to ease visa restrictions for people from South East Asia. Along with the fact that Tokyo has been chosen to host the 2020 Olympic Games, this change means that the Japanese tourism industry is set to undergo a dramatic overhaul.

The oncoming overhaul has prompted an academic with a background in the airline industry, to write and release a guide which teaches the country’s hospitality sector how to cater to Muslim tourists.

An Influx of Muslim Tourists

Although he has now taken up a post as a professor at Kyoei University in Saitama Prefecture, 63 year old Yoshitaka Hayashi once worked on the front line of Japanese tourism. As well as serving as a cabin attendant, he studied the needs of foreign tourists visiting the land of the rising sun, whilst working overseas for Japan Airlines.

His industry knowledge lead him to one realisation; Japan is set to receive an influx of Muslim tourists. According to Japan Times, Hayashi’s experience showed him that these changes mean that Japan is likely to receive more tourists from countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia than ever before. Both have sizeable Muslim populations. Indonesia alone is home to 12.7% of the world’s Muslims.

Hospitality Guide for Muslim Tourists

This observation led him to release a book called Hospitality Guide for Muslim Tourists. The book shares a range of helpful tips to help the Japanese hospitality industry cater to the specific needs of a Muslim customer.

Why does the Japanese hospitality industry need a book like this? In Islam there are certain laws that dictate how Muslims live their lives. Muslims for example, can only eat foods that conform to these standards. Therefore, the only way to ensure a Muslim customer has a pleasant stay is to know what these requirements are ahead of time, so that they can be catered to.

Anticipate the Needs of Your Customer

And here we see what you can learn from the Japanese hospitality industry – anticipate the needs of your customer. If you know how to provide a consumer with a pleasant consumer experience ahead of time, you can develop a reputation for excellence and ensure customer loyalty.


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