In order to ensure you get the most out of your fitness regime, this week on the Htet Tayza blog I reveal five ways to deal with post exercise hunger.

Defeating the Purpose of Getting Fit

A fitness regime can work wonders for your skills as an entrepreneur. Developing your physical fitness can help you keep your brain fighting fight, so it’s ready to take on the challenges of the day.

However, workouts can often prove ineffective for one reason. Physical activity burns calories, promoting hunger, which people then proceed to fulfil by indulging in junk food. By eating even one bar of chocolate, you are consuming enough calories to render your workout redundant.

Five Ways to Eliminate the Need for Junk Food

There are number of ways you can deal with this post-workout hunger without resorting to junk food. I would suggest you try the following five…

  • Drink a Bottle of Water: Exercise makes you sweat, leading to dehydration which can make you feel as though you need to eat. By drinking 3 litres of water a day you can stem the hunger before it leads you into temptation.


  • Grab a Piece of Fruit: If you really need to eat after exercise by all means do; just be smart about it. Instead of opting for chocolate, go for a healthier option like fruit. Not only is fruit loaded with vitamins, but it fills you up, so you’re less likely to feel the desire to make a trip to the closest vending machine.


  • Distract Yourself: Often, the simplest way to reduce the need to indulge after a workout is to find a way to stop thinking about it. Pop in some earphones and blare your favourite album, read a fascinating editorial online; do something attention-consuming and give yourself something else to think about.


  • Get Pre-emptive: Another way you can battle post workout hunger is to get pre-emptive. Eat an hour before you exercise. That way, you give your body something to burn, so you’ll feel less of a need to reload when you finish exercising.


  • Cater Your Exercise Regime: Research shows that including certain exercises in your fitness regime can reduce the need to eat post-workout. Low intensity workouts such as walking can supress the need to eat for a few hours after you exercise.

Live By the Health Body, Healthy Mind Ethic

Exercise alone won’t make you fit. If you really want to practise the health body, health mind ethic, you need to live by it. Incorporate fitness into every aspect of your lifestyle and lend yourself the mental strength to make it in the cutthroat world of business.


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