In order to help you develop a venture that proves lucrative in the long term, this week on the Htet Tayza blog I explain how to remain successful and remain focused.

An Entrepreneur with an Inflated Ego is Doomed to Failure

As a young entrepreneur just starting out, you may not be able to imagine the point of your career that’ll see your venture heralded as a success.

Yet in the cut-throat world of modern technology that moves at the speed of light, the day you reach the pinnacle of your success is closer than you think. This can be a dangerous time for a young entrepreneur.

Everywhere you turn, you have someone in your ear telling you how fantastic you are, how successful you are. You’re surrounded by praise, and this can inflate your ego. An entrepreneur with an inflated ego is doomed to failure – it’s happened so many times that you can’t run the risk that it won’t happen to you.

Five Tips to Deal with Success and Remain Focused

Which is why you need to get ready for that point in your career now. Prepare yourself for the day when your own success could be your worst enemy, with the following tips on how to deal with success and remain focused…

  • Surround Yourself With the Right People: If you surround yourself with people who tell you how amazing you are all the time and no one else, eventually you’re going to start to believe them. If you want to avoid letting success go to your head, bring a few reality checkers into the boardroom every once in a while.


  • Set Yourself a New Goal: The best entrepreneurs never rest on their laurels. Look at Richard Branson. The minute one of his ventures proves successful, he initiates another. If you give yourself a new goal to aspire to, you’ll be so busy thinking of how to attain it you’ll be left with no time to dwell on the nature of your success.


  • Strive to Keep Yourself Humble: In other words, remind yourself you’re not perfect. Is there an aspect of your business that’s underperforming? If so, divert your focus towards making it better, and remind yourself that even you aren’t great at everything.


  • Recognise Everyone Who Helped You Get There: You didn’t do this by yourself, no-one is an island. If you want to stay focused and avoid inflating your own ego, take a little time to thank everyone who helped you get there. That should put things into perspective.


  • Get Out of the Office: The kinds of people that let success go to their heads are often the kinds of people who have nothing else to live for. Go out there and get a personal life and soon enough, you’ll be too worried about that first date you agreed to go on to care that you just made a stack of cash!

It’s All About Will Power

At the end of the day, the only way to deal with success and keep yourself focused is to develop your will power. If you have a strong will, you’ll have everything you need to ensure you aren’t buried under the weight of your own success.


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