With online technologies proving increasingly vital to the business of any modern entrepreneur, this week on the Htet Tayza blog I reveal five ways to protect your company website from hackers.

What Happens When a Hacker Gains Control of Your Company Website?

Over two billion people use the internet. This means that if the young entrepreneur starting out on the road to success wants to capture a share of this lucrative customer base, they need a company website.

Yet company websites come with their own set of issues that can prove detrimental to the bottom line of any business. People can hack into them. Should a hacker gain control of your website, they could ruin your reputation in a thousand different ways.

Five Tips to Safeguard Your Company Website

That’s why it’s essential that every entrepreneur protects their company website. Here are five tips that’ll help you do exactly that…

  • Keep Yourself Informed: If you don’t know about the latest threats doing the rounds, how can you ensure your website doesn’t fall victim to one? Knowledge is power, which is why you should follow updates from tech sites such as The Hacker News to protect your company website.


  • Conceal Admin Pages: Admin pages can provide hackers with an easy way into your company website. Avoid this threat by using the robots_txt file to ensure your admin page isn’t indexed by search engines. Follow this tutorial to learn how. If your admin page is indexed by a search engine then you might as well just give into the hackers now.


  • Delete Form AutoFill: Say a company laptop or phone is stolen. If you’ve left auto-fill enabled on forms on your company website, you give hackers everything they need to gain control of your firm’s most valuable online asset. Auto-fill is the enemy of online security.


  • Install Software Updates Instantly: Many offices wait to install software updates. Yet a lot of the time these updates are offered – often at great expense to the provider – to deal with a security issue. If you push back installation of a software update you leave yourself vulnerable to hackers in the interim, which is why you should install software updates the minute they become available if you want to safeguard your company website.


  • Toughen Up Passwords: Easy passwords are a hacker’s paradise. One of the best ways you can fend off a determined hacker is to provide them with a password to your company website they can’t break. That’s why it’s essential that you make passwords un-guessable if you want to make sure your venture’s website is secure.

Protecting Your Website is Protecting Your Bottom Line

Don’t underestimate the ability of a determined hacker. If you let them, they could hack into your company website and ruin your business’ reputation. Strive at every turn to protect your firm’s website if you want to protect its bottom line.

Htet Tayza, Escape Gastro Bar


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