Are you looking for a new way to get fit and healthy?  If so you might want to think about trying surf set; one of the hottest new fitness trends of 2015. Keep reading the Htet Tayza blog to find out why.

Fitness trends come and go

Fitness is like fashion. Trends come and go. More often than not fitness fanatics will run to try a new trend that’s sweeping gyms across the world, only to abandon it when they realise it does nothing for their health. All we have to do is look at the disaster that was weight loss pills to see how true this is.

However every once in a while a fitness trend rolls around that actually withstands the test of time. These trends endure because they provide real health benefits for those who incorporate them into their daily fitness routine. Think yoga, zumba etc.

What is surf set?

Lately a new trend has come to grip the imaginations of gym bunnies across the globe. Surf set. Does it have staying power, or is it destined to fade away by the time the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve 2015?

To answer that question first we need to understand what surf set is. Founder of celeb-adored active-wear label Sweat Betty Tamara Hill-Norton recently explained the trend to the UK’s Daily Mail. Hill-Norton said that “in this class you’re on a mechanical surfboard that moves and shakes while you have to use your core to keep your balance while following the instructor through a series of exercises such as squats and jumps.”

Are there any health benefits to surf set?

The active-wear founder went on to suggest that “this is brand new and I can see it drawing some attention for something more fun.” Fun it may be, but will it stick around?

Let’s look at a trend that has managed to avoid fading into obscurity; Zumba. Yes it’s fun but it can also help you lose weight, tone your muscles, relieve stress etc. It’s so effective because it’s enjoyable enough to keep people coming back whilst actually making them healthier.

Can we say the same of surf set? As the innovative new fitness trend strives to emulate surfing, we’ll need to look at surfing itself to determine whether we can. Experts suggest that surfing is a great way to enhance your physical fitness. It helps you lose weight, makes you stronger physically promotes balance and can provide numerous mental health benefit.

Surf set could withstand the test of time

And that’s why surf set is already being regarded as one of the hottest fitness trends of 2015. It’s fun enough to make people want to keep doing it and is incredibly useful in the maintenance of physical fitness. It could withstand the test of time.


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