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Body weight training has been named the hottest fitness trend of 2015. On the Htet Tayza blog I ask; should you try it and is it good for your health?

Body weight training named hottest fitness trend of 2015

Every year the American College of Sports Medicine surveys thousands of health professionals around the world to name the 25 hottest fitness trends of the year.

This year they considered 39 possible trends, including the 25 that made the list in 2014. Body weight training came out on top. Golf Digest explained that it isn’t that body weight training is a new thing, it’s been around for years. Rather, people are becoming more aware of what body weight training can do for them.

What is body weight training?

So what do we mean when we say body weight training? They are strength training exercises that don’t require the use of weights. Instead, the exerciser’s own weight provides resistance to movement.

There’s one reason body weight training has become so popular. It’s free. You don’t need a gym to use your own weight to exercise. Body weight training refers to exercises such as press ups, sit ups, squats, pull-ups, ab-roll outs, planks and plyometrics. You can do these types of exercises in the comfort of your own home.

The health benefits of body weight training

But should you? Is body weight training genuinely good for your health or is it a passing fad? The Huffington Post has suggested that there are a number of fitness benefits to body weight training. It can burn body fat, strengthen your core muscles (which improves posture), increase flexibility and improve balance.

There’s one thing the Huffington Post points out that I want to bring to your attention. Body weight training is easily modified. This means that you can adapt your body weight training regime to suit your fitness level. Say you can do ten press ups quite easily, but 20 are too much of a challenge. There’s nothing to stop you from doing ten. You can add a few more repetitions if you feel like pushing yourself but there’s nothing to stop you going back down to ten.

Do what’s right for you and your body

We know there are health benefits to body weight training. That means that if you want to improve your fitness then you might as well give the hottest fitness trend of 2015 a go. If it’s right for you, stick with it, if not, look for something else. The golden rule of exercise is that you need to find the fitness technique that’s right for you and your lifestyle, otherwise you’ll never stick to it.


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