Last week reports flooded the wire which suggested that PayPal want to create a technology that’ll implant passwords into your body. On the Htet Tayza blog I ask; will pills ever replace passwords?

The development of password technology

Passwords are the bane of so many people’s lives. A password is supposed to protect your vital digital information, but they’re so hard to remember. If you set up a simple password like your birthday, chances are it’ll get hacked. If you go to the effort of crafting a hard-to-guess password littered with multi-case letters and numbers, you’ll forget it the next day.

However password technology is advancing. New tools are being developed which allow people to craft difficult passwords without forgetting them. For example, now you can install password generation technologies such as LastPass onto your devices that create complex passwords and remember them so you don’t have to.

Password technology moves into Matrix territory

Yet I never thought that password technology would move into Matrix territory. You know, “you can take the blue pill or the red pill.” Soon tech companies might start asking you a similar question.

Reports have suggested that online payment service PayPal is in the process of developing a pill-like technology that can be ingested, embedded or injected to replace passwords as a means of identification. It’s a fascinating idea. This technology could take the form of ingestible capsules that sit in your stomach, which means they would be powered by stomach acid and have the ability to perform other unique internal functions such as detect glucose levels in patients with diabetes.

The direction of tech invention

PayPal’s worldwide head of developer evangelism, Jonathan Leblanc, PayPal and the Wall Street Journal. Leblanc didn’t give much away. He just noted that “if there’s a weak password you need to harden that with something physical behind it. We’re looking at new techniques.”

Will this project lead to the development of a pill that has the ability to replace your password? Who knows? What this news does show is the direction that technology development has started to take. Increasingly, developers and inventors are finding new, more innovative ways to evolve tech to the next level and integrate it into the fabric of modern life.


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