Tesla Announce Batteries to Power Homes

US electric car company Tesla rocked the world of technology last week when they decided to announce the development of a new battery that has the ability to power homes. On the Htet Tayza blog I ask; will it catch on?

The Tesla struggle

I’m a huge admirer of Tesla. The Elon Musk-fronted carmaker has led the way in innovative electric car technology. Tesla practically popularised the concept of the electric car; a concept that has gone on to catch on with consumers around the world.

But the electric car creator didn’t have it easy. A 2014 article on Endgadget explains that Tesla Motors can’t even sell their products throughout most of the US, its home country. US states including Texas and New Jersey have signed bills into law which prevent direct-to-consumer car sales.

This is an issue because of the way car dealerships work. They act as a proxy between the carmaker and the consumer. This model was popularised in the early stages of the US automotive industry when carmakers needed middlemen to invest in and sell their products to make a profit and thus car dealer franchises with carmakers that lock companies like Tesla out were born.

The Powerwall system

However despite this restriction Tesla have continued to develop dynamic electric car technology that’s proved vastly beneficial to consumers. Now they’re branching out.

The BBC has reported that the company has announced that it’s planning to build batteries that would store solar energy as a back-up for households during blackouts. It’ll be known as the Powerwall system and use the same rechargeable lithium-ion battery the firm utilises in its electric cars.

Will Tesla experience pushback?

This sounds like an amazing piece of technology. It would allow consumers to take themselves off power grids and provide power to remote areas of the world that aren’t currently connected to a power grid.

This is exactly why I believe that Tesla may experience similar pushback with this product as they did with their electric car. The global energy industry isn’t going to like this. Essentially, this technology could reduce a consumer’s need to rely on the services they supply. It has the potential to drain their profit margins. This could provide energy companies with all the motivation they need to try to prevent consumers buying this new product

Game changing technology

So will the Tesla battery catch on? I believe it’ll certainly face stiff opposition from energy companies around the world but this has never stopped the innovative car maker before. This is a potentially game changing piece of technology that I think is destined to appeal to consumers across the world.


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