Social Networking and Htet Tayza

New reports have revealed that the largest social media site in the world has decided to trial an update that would be monumental if it was released for mainstream use. On the Htet Tayza blog I ask; is Facebook about let users curate their own news feed?

The social media site that took over the world

I’ve always been a huge admirer of the Mark Zuckerberg project. First launched by the Harvard drop out and others in 2004, it has since gone on to rack up over 1.44 billion users as of March 2015, according to the company’s first quarter 2015 results.

The reason that Facebook has become the most popular social media site in the world, rising head and shoulders above early competitors such as Myspace, is because it’s the ultimate digital innovator. Think about how many of the social media concepts that we now see as a part of the fabric of everyday life that were introduced by Facebook. The “like,” the “timeline,” the “fan page;” all are social media concepts that Facebook popularised to the world.

Facebook to trial new update

Now it appears as though Facebook are about to launch another project that’ll transform the face of social media. Endgadet has reported that the social media site is testing a new feature that’ll allow users to curate their own news feeds.

This revolutionary new feature is to be trialled at random by a lucky few. At present Facebook uses an algorithm to determine what appears on a news feed, however this change would allow profile holders to disable it manually. Instead, they’d be presented with a list of their friends and their “liked” pages and the feature would allow them to select which ones appear at the head of their news feed.

Innovating the world of social media

I believe that this is a genius move by Facebook and one that keeps to their philosophy of staying at the cutting edge of social media innovation. Every update Facebook has introduced has been designed to make their service more user friendly. Take their recent introduction of the “legacy contact,” for example.

The site has always had problems dealing with the profiles of users who’ve passed away. However the legacy contact allows users to appoint someone to look after their profile when they’ve died. They can’t actually go into the profile but they can post information on the deceased user’s behalf. This has filled a gap in Facebook’s service and moved social media technology forward.

People want to control their news feeds

This is why I believe that this update means that people may be able to curate their own news feeds going forward. The randomness of news feeds has annoyed scores of people around the world. Facebook saw this and have now introduced an update to tackle the issue. If this update proves easy to use, I believe it’ll be rolled out to the wider public simply because people want to be able to control what appears on their news feeds!


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