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I’ve just heard the best news of my life. Htet Tayza blog readers, brace yourselves. The best phone-based game there ever was may be making a comeback.

The rise of the mobile-based game

The rise of the mobile phone has facilitated the rise of the mobile-based game. Hand-held devices are perfect for gamers because they allow them to indulge in their favourite past time whenever they want.

This means that there are a number of mobile-based games that have become popular over the last decade and a half. Think Angry Birds, think Candy Crush, think Flappy Bird. These games managed to transcend their confines to become sure-fire pop culture phenomenons.

The king of mobile-based games

Yet there’s no game that has captured the imagination of gamers around the world more than Snake; the original mobile-game pop culture hit.

This was a basic game for the Nokia 3310 handset introduced in 1998, where the user controlled a (pretty primitive) digital snake. They had to manoeuvre the snake around the screen and use it to eat various dot-like objects. It’s probably the most popular mobile game there’s ever been, but the handsets it was designed for fell into disuse and as the Nokia went, so too did Snake.

Snake Rewind

However now Snake is set to make an unexpected comeback! Digital Trends wrotethat Taneli Armanto,  the man who created the classic version of the game and developer Rumilius Design have teamed up  to create a sequel to Snake.

The sequel will be called Snake Rewind and will be available for iOS, Android and Windows phones from 14th May. On its website the developer said that with the updated version of Snake, users will be able to “rewind the snake… even after crashing” and that it’ll feature “special fruit with unique powers and effects.”

Some tech never goes out of style

I found this story fascinating because it proves that some tech never goes out of style. The modern world we live in is so fast-paced. Popular tech fads like Myspace and Blackberries go in and out of fashion in the blink of an eye. However some technological innovations like Snake and Facebook have the ability to reinvent themselves and this means they endure.


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