CES Technology Conference
June 1, 2015

CES Comes to Asia

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was recently held in Asia for the first time. On the Htet Tayza blog I’ve decided to explain how CES Asia proved that the world’s largest continent is very much at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

Welcome to the CES

There are few events in the calendar year that techies such as myself look forward to more than the CES. It’s an internationally renowned technology trading show that attracts industry professionals and major companies alike to come view the latest offerings the world of technology has to offer. The first show was held in 2004 to promote a then-little-known piece of technology called the Blu-Ray disk.

CES Asia 2015

The show has traditionally been held in Las Vegas, Nevada in the US. This is because the United States is arguably the most prominent technology market in the world. Most of the major technological innovations e.g. Windows, the iPhone, Facebook etc. that have reshaped the world as we know it have been invented by American geniuses.

Yet Asia is quickly coming to rival the United States as a technological innovator of consequence. China alone has become the world’s second biggest consumer technology market. Asia’s reputation in the tech world has been cemented by the decision to hold the CES outside the United States for the first time. Asia was chosen as the location for this inaugural show.

CES Asia was held in the Chinese megacity of Shanghai from 25th to the 27th May. It attracted 200 technological firms from 15 countries around the world to showcase their consumer technology innovations. Critics from a range of international publications including the Toronto Sun and the South China Morning Post hailed the event as a massive success.

Robots go interactive

There were so many inventions which were showcased at CES Asia that I thought were fantastic that I can’t name them all. Some that stood out to me; the Kitchen Robot; a machine comprised of two robotic arms that could transform the lives of domestic chefs around the world, the Audi R8 Tron; Audi’s revolutionary new self-driving car. and Remix OS; the latest in Tablet technology.

However one creation really caught my attention; the Turing Robot. This futuristic invention can wave, speak and even dance but it was the Turing Robot’s software that really impressed. It has been designed to hold artificial intelligence and speech recognition, which means it can react to visual cues or sound. Furthermore its open application programming interface (API) means anyone can write software to control the device. Essentially, this means that the Turing Robot has the ability to evolve and add functionality as technology advances.

Waiting for 2016

With inventions such as the Turing Robot, how could CES Asia have been anything but a success? It proved that Asia is becoming a force to be reckoned with in the world of technology. That may be why the landmark showcase will be held in Asia again in 2016. Only 11 more months to go!


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