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After weeks, months and years of resisting with a passion I can only call religious, Facebook have finally caved! Htet Tayza readers get excited; you can finally post GIFs to your status on Facebook.

What is a GIF?

A GIF, otherwise known as “Graphics Interchange Format,” is a bitmap image format that believe it or not has existed since 1987. It’s basically a lossless format for image files that supports both animated and static images; it’s like the moving pictures in Harry Potter but the image moves on a loop.

GIFs have transcended their humble origins to become a part of pop culture. This is because of the rise of the internet. The internet is the perfect platform for GIFs. As the internet became a more popular medium for international communication people started using GIFs to talk about big events in pop culture. Today there isn’t a tear-jerking TV scene, stupid political gaffe or laugh-out-loud comedy moment that hasn’t been giffed a thousand ways from Sunday.

GIFs and Facebook

Yet there’s always been one limitation that has prevented the giffers of the world from taking their love for immortalising important moments to the next level. Facebook has never allowed users to include a GIF in their status updates.

Social media is the perfect platform for GIFs. When you see a moment you want to immortalise in GIF form, what’s the first thing you want to do with it? Share it with your friends! Yet Facebook has resisted implementing GIF support for years; two years ago they sort of implemented it, but their version of GIF support was awkward and almost impossible to use.

How to use Facebook’s GIF support

However Wired has reported that the social media monolith has now decided to introduce comprehensive GIF support. It will allow you to post a GIF to your status update.

The technology publication went on to reveal that now it’s incredibly easy to post a GIF on your status. All you have to do is drop the link to the GIF you’d like to feature into your status update bar and click ‘post.’ It’s just like posting a normal link.  Furthermore you can use a GIF no matter it’s location of origin. Before, it had to come from Giphy’s catalogue.


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