Google Glass and Htet Tayza

Details of Google Glass 2 have now started to trickle through the wire. Here on the Htet Tayza blog, I’m going to explain how the technology firm are improving the notoriously controversial first incarnation of this fascinating project.

Google Glass 1

The last half-decade has seen the meteoric rise of smart technology. This is traditional technology, such as phones or watches, which is equipped with, uses or contains electronic control devices, such as computer system microprocessors.

One type of smart-wearable technology that was developed during this period was Google Glass. This is a headset with an optical-mounted display, which allows Google to display information to users in a smart-phone like, hands free format.

Google released a prototype of the project in 2013. It did pique the interest of technology enthusiasts such as me, Htet Tayza, from all over the world. However, it came with a large range of problems, including complaints of potential eye pain, which eventually caused the search engine to shut the project down in early 2015.

Google Glass 2

However, sources at 9to5Google have now reported that the project has been resurrected; like the phoenix, Google Glass has risen from the ashes. Google Glass 2 will apparently be known as the ‘Enterprise Edition’ of the project, and prototypes are apparently already in circulation.

We don’t know much else about the project at this time, however we do know that it will feature a larger prism that extends further out. This will make the tech more comfortable for the wearer, dealing with the eye pain issue that plagued Google Glass’ previous incarnation. Furthermore, it’s expected to be more powerful than Google Glass 1, because it has a new Intel chip. This will give Google Glass 2 a longer battery life and improved performance.

2’s better than 1

So, we don’t know a lot about Google Glass 2, but we do know that the impressive tech firm are taking measures to make it better than Google Glass 1. I’ll be keeping watch, right here on the Htet Tayza blog, to see if they manage to tackle this seemingly insurmountable challenge.


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