Windows 10 Released

Tech giant Microsoft released the long-awaited Windows 10 last week, and I want to take a moment here on the Htet Tayza blog to discuss this monumental news.

Microsoft Windows

Ever since the release of Windows 1.0 in 1985, Microsoft has continually redefined the way we use computer technology. The Bill Gates-founded firm has released regular reinventions of its flagship product, each time revolutionising the world of computer technology all over again.

The last Windows programme didn’t go down well with users. This was the Windows 8 programme, which was decried for ditching the popular “start menu” of Windows 7 and installing live tiles, which allowed users to directly access the system’s many smart-phone like apps via touch-screen. The Telegraph reports that Microsoft decided to bypass Windows 9 and go straight to releasing Windows 10.

Windows 10

This new version of the programme is said to combine the “best elements,” of its most recent predecessors. The live tiles are still included in Windows 10, but they’re less obtrusive than they were on Windows 8. Microsoft has also decided to bring back the much-beloved start menu from Windows 7.

The programme features a whole host of new features. Perhaps most importantly this includes “Continuum,” a software programme which can detect whether a keyboard is attached to the device in question automatically, allowing it to select the proper mode for use. Windows 10 also features a new web browser which Microsoft has christened “Edge,” which gives users the ability to annotate web pages, as well as save them to read later.

The reviews

Windows 10 has received mixed reviews. Gizmodo wrote that “Windows 10 defies review,” whilst Techradar said that “it’s clear to see that it’s a very usable and flexible operating system.” Meanwhile the Telegraph labelled Windows 10 a “fresh start” for the US tech company, adding that “Windows 10 is what Windows 8 ought to have been” but “there are still bumps to iron out.”

The general consensus seems to be that Windows 10 is a significant improvement on Windows 8, but there’s still progress to be made. What seems clear to me, Htet Tayza readers, is that with the release of Windows 10, Microsoft has shown that they’ve still got what it takes to redefine the field of computer technology, however only time will tell if this proves to be the case.


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