YouTube has now officially launched its new gaming hub. This has prompted me to discuss what you can expect from YouTube Gaming here on the Htet Tayza Blog this week.

Game streaming 

The rise of streaming technology has changed the way we view and interact with media. Sites like YouTube, Daily Motion and Netflix have made it possible for us to access media content more efficiently than ever before. This has facilitated the rise of game streaming.

Game streaming – the act of uploading a live stream of your gaming experiences for others to watch and comment on – has grown to become one of the big tech phenomenons of the 21st century. In 2015, online game content is big business, and it appears that YouTube are about to cash in big time.

YouTube Gaming 

Twitch Gaming has dominated the market in recent years, but it’s long been an open secret in the tech world that YouTube wished to grab a slice of this lucrative sector for themselves. They have finally done so, according to Sky News, with YouTube Gaming.

Officially unveiled to the world last week, YouTube Gaming is a website and an app. The service offers individual pages for more than 25,000 games, with each featuring videos and high-quality live streams. Similarly to Twitch, YouTube Gaming will also host live broadcasts of people playing video games.

“Like Twitch but better.” 

The Wired review of YouTube Gaming notes that the service “seems to be like Twitch, but better.” It goes on to comment that YouTube Gaming is “smoother, cleaner, and more pleasant to use” than Twitch. Furthermore, it’s “interface is dense but responsive, compactly offering the same sort of information you’d find on Twitch,” according to Wired.

The reviewer paid particularly attention to the video player itself. They wrote: “I’ve long had a contentious relationship with Twitch’s video player, which runs on Adobe Flash, known in ancient times as the Bandwidth Devourer. Even on fast internet connections, Twitch stutters and crashes often. YouTube Gaming benefits from Google’s years spent honing its own proprietary player, which runs on a much lighter HTML5 backend. In my experience, streams are fast and reliable.”

Sophisticated gaming experience

It seems as though what you can expect from YouTube Gaming is a more advanced version of Twitch. This indicates that game streaming is utilising emerging technology to cultivate a sophisticated, interactional experience for gamers across the globe.

Htet Tayza.


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