The recent revelation of Acer’s revolutionary new machine has inspired me to examine here on the Htet Tayza Blog whether the ‘building block’ computer could revive the desktop.

Fall of the desktop 

The desktop computer fell as quickly as it rose. During the 80s and 90s the desktop was the number one must-have consumer item across the developed world. However the advent of first laptops, and then digital devices such as smartphones and tablets, has relegated the humble desktop to the annals of history.

In 2010, iconic Apple founder Steve Jobs said that tablets would eventually overtake PCs. He may have been saying this at the time to promote his newly released iPad device, but history has proved Jobs right. In 2014 Extreme Tech quoted statistics which suggested that tablet sales would finally surpass PC sales – at 320 million to 316 million – by the close of 2015, and every indicator suggests that this prediction will be borne out.

Building block computer 

However Acer has unveiled a new type of desktop to the world. The BBC reported that Acer recently announced that it would release a new machine; the ‘building block’ Revo Build computer. This desktop is customisable; it has pins at the top and bottom of each component which allows them to be stacked and connected together.

Acer said that the product will go on sale in October. When it does, consumers will only initially be able to purchase one add-on; a 500 GB or one terabyte hard drive. Acer will later release other attachable parts for the Revo Build including a power bank – to allow the device to be used when it’s not plugged in – and an audio block – to add a microphone and speakers. They will also release a graphics book for the device, to improve the quality of image handling processes such as video games.

Easy to use 

Intel’s Kirk Skaugen, who was invited on stage at the Revo Build’s recent launch at the IFA Tech Show in Berlin, commented on the capabilities of the device. He said that “it’s easy for users to add things as they need them, (it provides) flexibility and a sense of empowerment that they can build a system themselves.”

Davies Murphy Group tech consultant Chris Green commented on the evolution of customisable digital technology. He noted that “various companies have modular phones in the works that will allow you to snap on extra features,” Green went on to add: “It’s logical to extend the idea to desktop PCs. A modular PC for a gamer would be perfect as it would let them add in extra capabilities without having to get their hands dirty. They currently have to crack open the case and fiddle around with cables and wires.”

Convenient customisation 

That’s why Acer’s ‘building bock’ Revo Build computer could revive the desktop. Customising a desktop is a long and cumbersome, yet rewarding task. This technology will allow those who need to customise their machines to do so conveniently, and with this technology finally available, it’s bound to resuscitate the popularity of the desktop.


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