Now Apple’s latest smartphone has been released across the world, on this week’s Htet Tayza blog I thought I’d tell you everything you need to know about the iPhone 6s.


Current Apple CEO Tim Cook recently launched the company’s latest line of products, including their iPad Pro tablet and the iPhone 6S. According to an article on Techradar, the device was released on 25th September in a dozen countries, including the UK, US and Australia. Its starting retail price is the same in the US and UK as the iPhone 6’s (on a two year contract), $649 and £539, which buys an entry-level configuration of 16GB.


It’s an aesthetically pleasing device. According to executive Phil Schiller it’s made from 7000-series aluminium, “the same alloys used in the aerospace industry,” making it less bendy than the iPhone 6. The iPhone 6S comes in a number of tones including gold, space grey, and rose gold, and it is 0.2mm thicker, 0.1mm wider and 0.2mm taller than the iPhone 6.


New Rose Gold colour of the iPhone 6s

Touch screen

Reports suggest that the device employs the use of the next-generation of multi-touch technology; 3D touch. It’s like Force Touch on the Apple Watch or new MacBook trackpad. It works like a right click button, allowing users to access various pop-up windows through the pressure applied via touch. With this, people can “take action on apps without even having to open them.”

The camera 

The device’s camera has a new 12MP camera sensor, which allows users to take better pictures than ever before. Its front 5MP camera simulates True Tone flash, boasting a retina display that lights up the screen three times brighter than normal. Its rear camera, meanwhile, shoots videos at 4K with eight million pixels, and the device is also equipped with “entirely new technology” which allows users to take “LivePhotos,” which somewhat resemble moving GIFs.

Device speed 

The iPhone 6S is a really speedy device. Its specs include the all-new A9 processor with embedded M9 motion coprocessor. Meanwhile its CPU is 60% faster than that of the iPhone 6, and its GPU boasts a 90% performance boost on its predecessor. It’s also rumoured that the iPhone 6S comes with 2GB of RAM, allowing users to open more tasks and apps at the same time than ever before.

Battery life

Finally the all-important question, how long does the iPhone 6S’ battery last? According to Tech Radar, its “all-day” battery life is the same as the iPhone 6, providing 14 hours of talk time and 11 hours of continuous HD video playback. However, its battery capacity is 1,715 mAh, smaller than last year’s 1,810 mAh, yet hardware charges have allowed it to maintain the same charge duration.

Htet Tayza.


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