Escape Gastro Bar

The Escape Gastro Bar is a traditional gastro pub based in Yangon, Myanmar. Established in 2011 by myself and my business partner Jeremy San, the Escape Gastro bar was designed to bring a unique version of the gastro pub experience to the Myanmar market.

As with any other gastro bar Escape combines a luxury drinks (specifically cocktails) menu with high class cuisine to bring you a versatile dining experience. ‘Unique’ is the word that sits at the heart of the Escape philosophy.Htet Tayza Escape Gastro Bar Food

In keeping with this our menu is unique in so much as it is traditional gastro pub fare with a Thai infusion. Keeping in line with our business model of marrying Eastern and Western ideals and practices, our menu uses Thai ingredients, herbs and spices along with cooking techniques organically developed by the peoples of Thailand to bring you a culinary experience you’ll never forget.

However our menu is only half of the experience. Our cocktail menu is the other half. We have scoured the globe to bring you exciting cocktail recipes which will add a touch of exoticism to your experience.

Cocktail making was developed in the flapper age of the 1920’s. A time of prosperity and frivolity, cocktail making was grandiose, acrobatic and fun. At Escape we look to bring that sense of occasion back to cocktail making. We like to give you a show!

At Escape we emphasise the necessity of the use of quality products in maximising the consumer experience. This is why our food menu capitalises on Thai cuisines penchant for the use of unique herbs and spices to bring you a dish of mouthwatering quality.

Consequently our cocktail menu is based on the core concept of quality as well. A menu laced with the modern concept of the molecular cocktail, we use innovative ingredients to bring you drink that are truly creative.

We also serve as an event space. A venue which combines sophistication and customer service, we cater to events of all kinds, from business to personal.

The Escape Gastro bar is an established which marries the concepts of innovation, quality and creativity to bring you the ultimate consumer experience.


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